Turmeric Capsules

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The Low Down:

You’ll only need a one capsule twice a day dosage of these heavenly capsules!

The essential oils from within the Tumeric Root (Rhizome) aid absorption and causes seven times more Curcumin to get absorbed, meaning you don’t have to take a lot to feel those effects.

Our Curcumin capsules actually contain nineteen times more content of the ground turmeric spice, making it one of the strongest turmeric supplements on the market- you’ve come to the right place to get your turmeric fix!

What Are The Benefits?

We are not allowed to tell you what the exact benefits of consuming natures most renowned elixirs are. Check out all of it’s health benefits from google HERE

Servings per pack: 120



5.0 rating
Based on 28 reviews
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Write a review

5.0 rating
Jessica L.
Highly recommended
I swear by turmeric! Hearing that these capsules have 19-times the content of the ground turmeric spice made me curious. I have taken 2 capsules in the morning and one at night every day for 2 months now and the inflammation in my legs and back have improved. On bad days I used to take pain killers I didnt need them since I started Tonik. What a wonderful natural solution.
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Amazing inflammation fighters
I’ve been taking the tumeric and hemp seed for a few weeks now 2 x per day. I have inflammatory/ autoimmune issues which affect gut, bladder and general energy levels. So far, these supplements have been incredible! My pain is dramatically reduced, inflammation appears to better along with digestion, and my energy levels have increased. I’m very happy and look forward to seeing continued improvement. Thank you to the team for creating these golden gems!
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Great capsules
I have received great results taking these capsules.
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Wonderful Experience!
I am new to turmeric and extremely pleased with my results. I suffer from arthritis in hands and knees and inflammation restricted my movements. My daughter recommended this brand to me and I feel much better after taking 2 capsules morning/evening since 3 weeks.
4.0 rating
Very happy customer
I recently ordered 2x Turmeric Capsules but only received one. After I contacted Tonik they send me the missing bottle with some of the little weekender bottles as a gift. I was disappointed first but I really like these Turmeric Capsules (I tried various different brands). I will get the Bundle of 4 when the next sale is on.
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Bloody awesome
Bought the first bottle at my gym and have been ordering online regularly since then. Best supplements! Totally recommend the whole range....
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Very impressed
I bought this about 4 weeks ago and love the results I am seeing, I take curcumin twice a day. I'm also impressed with the quality of the soft gel capsules matched with very reasonable pricing.
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Fast delivery & great results
Very speedy delivery...Have bought Tonik before and am pleased with all aspects of my purchase. I have been using turmeric for my back, it is no miracle pill but it honestly has help the pain.
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Onto The Tonik and off all my medication!
I started taking Turmeric caps and Apple cider vinegar caps 4 weeks ago and they are fantastic! I have had gut/stomach problems for years including reflux, gastritis, IBS and a dysfunctional gall bladder. I have now been able ween myself off multiple medications and have been able to live without any nasty side effects! Thankyou!
5.0 rating
I've been on ACV + Curcmin for just over a year - and the results are amazing! I've seen great benefits with my gut/digestion health (no more bloating.YAY) and my skin has probably been the biggest improvement! Would 100% recommend Tonik :)