Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

4.9 rating
33 reviews

The Low Down:

One of the richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). These capsules are essential for a perfectly balanced diet!

Super rich in EFAs Omega 6 & Omega 3. They’re also vegan-friendly!

What Are The Benefits?

We are not allowed to tell you what the exact benefits of consuming natures most renowned elixirs are. Check out all of it’s health benefits from google HERE

Servings per pack: 120



4.9 rating
Based on 33 reviews
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Write a review

5.0 rating
Since I have been taking these I feel much calmer. I am dealing with a lot of stress at the moment and I have been researching ways to make my day less stressful. I started meditating and added these to my daily routine. I am feeling great!
4.0 rating
Sherryl Potts
much better skin
For many years I've been affected by dry and sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis. I don't like to use steroid creams/ointments but sometimes have to resort to their use. My pharmacist friend Jana recommended I try Hemp Seed Oil. Since I've been taking the capsules, my skin is much more comfortable and I have less frequent need to use the steroids.
5.0 rating
I stock up in bulk
I can't live without Tonik anymore. Started with 2 and 4 and are now taking the whole range daily (TWICE!) Seriously I feel so much more balanced. Skin, Weight, Digestion... I am a different person when I run out (which only happened twice) as I stock up in bulk (like a hamster) now! Thanks for creating such a BOMB of a product.
5.0 rating
Lauri B.
Instagram made my try
I have been following Tonik on Instagram for a while now. I love the fact they don't seem to work with influencers. These days its difficult to find accounts or brands which are real and down to earth. Information provided by Tonik was all backed up by research instead. I just placed my second order as I really liked the way how Tonik 2 + 4 improved my overall wellbeing and digestion in only 6 weeks. Great work guys!
5.0 rating
VEGAN Hemp Seed Oil Capsules - the only ones I could find
Very happy I found a vegan source of Omega 3 and 6.
5.0 rating
Love them all
Helps me a lot. I can tell a huge difference. Love this product.
5.0 rating
Loved it from day one
Much prefer this over fish oil. No yucky taste and more sustainable than fish oil.
5.0 rating
These capsules have helped me with my eczema. It has improved the dry skin and itchiness naturally. I am so happy about it and will continue taking these.
5.0 rating
Vouge Australia
LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging! Came across it in the latest Vouge Magazine. Just placed my second order. Wonderful product!
5.0 rating
Love Hemp Seed Oil
I have heard so many positive things about hemp seed oil and its nutritional benefits that I had to try. I am on my 3rd order and love the results so far. I am taking all 4 Toniks (4 of each in the morning and 4 of each in the evening). The results are amazing! Skin, digestion, hair, nails, energy...