Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

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51 reviews

The Low Down:

The holy grail of natural supplements! We’ve popped Apple Cider Vinegar, along with all it’s magical health benefits, into these capsules. They’re tasteless and gag-free, making them super easy to take!

The in’cider scoop is that we’ve made our capsules from organic and naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar, making them 100% natural.

We want to make sure you’re only taking the good stuff!

What Are The Benefits?

We are not allowed to tell you what the exact benefits of consuming natures most renowned elixirs are. Check out all of it’s health benefits from google HERE

Servings per pack: 120



5.0 rating
Based on 51 reviews
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Write a review

5.0 rating
Happy since 2016!
I CANNOT drink makes me gag.....these are so easy to take daily. Great benefits to your health in these little pills. Thanks for creating Tonik. I know you guys were one of the first ones on the market because I have been ordering these since 2016 when you first launched! I am a very loyal Tonik user and would never use a different brand (I saw even Coles are doing them now - similar price for only 60 capsules). What a joke!
5.0 rating
Happy gut - happy me!
My goal was to improve my gut health as I heard this is the first step to "glow" from within. I have included the Beauty Chef and Tonik to my daily routine and it has worked wonders for my digestion and bloating. Especially when I have a couple of drinks with friends and pop my capsules the night before my tummy feels less upset the next day. I am just not sure if this is caused by No. 2 or No. 4 as I take them both. Bye-bye, hangovers!
5.0 rating
Murray Lovell
No 2 Apple Cider Vinegar tablets.
Thanks Jake for your recommend use of the above tablets. Have suffered from Gout for years. Since taking these tablets the amount of attacks have reduced considerably and severity of them have been not as they used to be. Gout is a very debilitating disease and up till now no one has found out what causes same. Your body makes too much Uric Acid and we drink too much beer which are the culprits.
5.0 rating
Karen Smith
Absolute Life saver
I am in my forties and have been battling bloating and that sluggish feeling for years. I have been using Tonik for just over 2 weeks and I have noticed that my skin is clearer , my tummy is not as bloated and I feel genuinely spritely. I have not changed anything else in my diet or exercise - i wanted to really test the products out so i could make the call. I am obsessed, i love the packaging as well guys, so clever but funny. You have a customer for life!
5.0 rating
I love this product!
It helps a lot with indigestion. I will definitely continue ordering and recommend Tonik to others.
5.0 rating
Absolute Life Saver
I honestly cannot thank you guys enough. I have struggled to drink Apple Cider for years even though all the girls and Mum has said its so good for me and health etc. To find it in a capsule is actually the best and I have managed to loose 4 kgs in a month of taking your capsules, I am actually taking all 4 now so looking forward to looking like a goddess in a few months! Thanks for creating a game changer!!
5.0 rating
Biggest Fan!
Don't be scared off by the size, these go down extremely easily and smooth, and I'm generally not great with swallowing pills. I got these because I had morning sickness and couldn't stand the thought of having a spoonful of ACV. So glad I did and I will continue taking them!
5.0 rating
Amanda K.
I ran out!
I just placed an order because I ran out of my ACV and Turmeric over the weekend. Seriously! I could feel such a huge difference while I was not taking my Toniks. My skin feels dry without Tonik plus I feel a lot more tired in the morning. Please hurry guys! I cant wait to have full bottles again.
5.0 rating
Liquid ACV made my teeth yellow!
So I don’t even know where to begin. ACV for me is like magic in a bottle and I’m in love! I started out by taking 3 teaspoons every morning. Now the only downside to that is it’s powerful and strong so it really burned the back of my throat. So I did more research and began mixing it with water and lemon. After a year or so I noticed that my teeth looked more yellow. My dentist informed me that tooth enamel is actually translucent and teeth can start to look more yellow when it wears away because the yellow dentin underneath begins to show. He linked this back to my intensive consumption of liquid ACV and it's acidity. You can do a lot to protect and strengthen your tooth enamel, but once it has eroded, it’s gone, baby, gone! FOREVER! So, I had to find an alternative. I tried a couple of different brands but none of them showed the same results as the REAL DEAL. Then a friend told me about Tonik and it seems like this is the perfect match for me. ACV has always eliminated my really bad bloating, and it helped suppress my appetite. TONIK does exactly the same. Some of the cheaper tablets showed no results or gave me tummy pain as a side effect. Long story short - I finally found a product which really delivers while protecting my teeth at the same time. I am forever grateful!!!! Outstanding guys!
5.0 rating
Juanita Heart
My skin is glowing!
So happy with this easy way to keep my skin glowing and my inside healthy!! Love the Apple cider caps, easiest way to keep up my intake. Great work xxx