About Us

Our Mission

To redefine ‘health’ and make supplement taking ‘easy-peesy!’

We love filling our bodies with all the good stuff nature has to offer but knew there could be an easier way than shotting Apple Cider Vinegar every day.

So, we popped all of our favourite natural ingredients into handy little capsules so you can gain all the great benefits from them without it tasting horrible or being messy!

Meet Our Founders

Pip Summerville- Founder

As well as being an aspiring competitive rower, Pip was her dad’s personal pharmacy student. She struggled with staying ‘healthy’ as a professional athlete and eventually developed unhealthy eating habits.

Pip soon started to experiment with different natural supplements and when her dad, Glenn, introduced her to Apple Cider Vinegar it changed her life. She immediately felt a difference and was hooked!

When Pip found a bottle of ACV had leaked badly inside her suitcase, she thought there had to be an easier way to take ACV.

Now, AVC didn’t exist in capsules so Pip and her dad came together to make this happen! And the rest was history.

Glenn Summerville- Pharmacist & Co Founder

After a long and successful career in Community Pharmacy, Glenn picked up the challenge to be a part of Tonik! Constantly developing new formulas while ensuring all the benefits are kept in its pure, organic form.

Glenn became a pharmacist in 1977 after graduating in New Zealand. He has also worked as a pharmacist in Fiji, Australia and the United Kingdom for over 40 years, and for 35 of those has owned and ran Community Pharmacies.

Choosing a natural approach to health rather than medicines has always been a passion for Glenn, believing that often a natural approach can reduce potential side effects or lead to a gradual decrease in the need for prescription medication.