August 25, 2021

Your most asked questions about Tonik, answered!

Here’s your most asked questions, answered! Even ones that are pretty brutal…

“I’m pregnant, can I take Tonik?”

Tonik is made up of 100% natural ingredients which should make it safe to consume when pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we always recommend to double check with your GP before taking!

“How do you take Tonik?”

Just pop one or two capsules twice a day with a glass of water. Preferably with food too!

“Why is Tonik more expensive than others on the market?”

With Tonik being all natural, you’re guaranteed to see and feel the benefits. There’s no room for nasties or artificial ingredients in our capsules- we’ve only got room for the good stuff! Say hello to more effective supplements with no potentially harmful ingredients.

“Can I take more than one of your supplements at the same time?”

All our Tonik supplements complement each other and can be safely taken at the same time. If you’re taking any other medication, please consult your GP first!

“How should I store my Tonik?”

Please keep your bottles at room temperature and out of direct sunlight- these little guys can melt together if left in the sun!

“Shouldn’t I just take the ingredient in its natural form instead?”

Yes, you could…BUT there’s a huge reason why Tonik was started in the first place! Tonik is the easiest and most convenient way to take your favourite natural supplements. No spillages guaranteed, makes travel easy-peesy and there’s absolutely no fuss required!

The biggest reason and the most popular reason why people take Tonik…no smell and no taste. (If you’ve ever shotted Apple Cider Vinegar, you’ll know why this is necessary!) We basically created a gag-free, “pleasant to take” supplement that also keeps your throat and teeth protected.

If you have anymore questions, our team would be happy to answer them via our Instagram @thetonikuk or fill out a form on our website when you click on the CONTACT tab.

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