July 13, 2021

Easy-Peesy Travelling With Tonik

One of the reasons Tonik was created was to make travel with supplements easy-peesy! Whether you’ve got a staycation or vacation planned, you can say goodbye to spillages and messy supplement-taking.

We pop all our supplements into easy-to-use, soft gel capsules which are then stored in small, sleek bottles that can easily fit into your handbag! Perfect for travelling anywhere you desire.

Our supplements have been through lots and lots of testing to produce them in their most bioactive and bioavailable form. Their gel cellulose shell helps them to bypass your stomach acid and reach the small intestine for a more gentle and effective absorption. It also means they’re in their best form for maximum benefits!

All our capsules are also 100% natural. We said no to all artificial emulsifiers, colourings and fillers. No nasties in sight! All that’s in our capsules is pure goodness and all the benefits.

Click here to check out our range of supplements and happy travelling!