June 21, 2021

“Do I need to take supplements?”

One question we get asked all the time is “do I need to take supplements?”

Most people should be able to get all the vitamins and minerals they need by eating a balanced diet. However, there are some people who may need particular supplements at certain stages of their life.

It’s super important to look after yourself both inside and out. Taking supplements can provide additional nutrients when your diet is lacking or when certain health conditions cause you to develop an insufficiency or deficiency.

Supplements of vitamins and minerals will not convert poor food choices into a healthy diet, but relevant quantities of particular vitamins or minerals may address specific deficiencies at certain times.

If you’re not lacking in any vitamins or minerals, you can still take Tonik! There are so many benefits to help you look and feel amazing, such as immune boosting properties, hair growth, relieving symptoms of acid reflux and more…

Note that all supplements with high levels of some vitamins and minerals may be harmful. Please see the back of the bottle or our website for details on how to take Tonik specifically!

As always, before taking any nutritional supplements, ask your gp whether they can interfere with any of your medicines or health problems. To check out our supplements range, you can click here