March 09, 2021

10 Reasons to Choose Tonik Over Other Supplements

When shopping for supplements it can be overwhelming! Whilst considering what’s best for your body, you’re also trying to avoid those potentially dangerous ones too- with a lot of brands to consider.

We’re not ones to brag but, consider this our pitch to you!

1. 100% Natural

We’ve only got room for the good stuff! No artificial emulsifiers, colourings or fillers which can be linked to super nasty side effects. We keep it 100% safe and healthy. Plus, you’ll benefit from natural supplements faster because the body recognises it as a nutrient straight away!

2. The easiest, most pleasant way to take supplements

No awful smell, no bad taste, no weird texture, no mess or spillages. We keep it super easy with our lil’ gel capsules. Did you ever think you’d be able to take Apple Cider Vinegar without that horrendous taste?! :O

It’s an absolute game changer.

3. Maximum Absorption

The way our capsules are designed means they’ll break down in your small intestine and not your stomach- like other supplements on the market! Resulting in maximum absorption and zero nausea.

4. Smart Design

Our liquid-filled, high potency capsules are swimming with water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients in their most bioactive and bioavailable form (super nutritional!)

5. Better Bioavailability

Following on from our previous point, we use cold-compression technology to preserve the active ingredients and bioavailability of each ingredient, keeping it in its most effective state.

6. Fewer Supplements

We keep it simple! We’ve chosen 4 amazing, powerful substances that each have a bundle of benefits. De-clutter all those supplements jars and keep your routine easy-peesy.

7. It’s a big NO to testing on animals

Show your planet and its inhabitants some love and choose supplements that aren’t tested on animals.

8. Thorough Evaluation- You can trust us!

All our products are pharmacist-formulated and backed by clinical research, traditional evidence, world-leading green technology and scientific validation. Every single aspect is considered including the ingredients, the quantities and the way it’s absorbed by the body. Plus, our supplements are tested multiple times before being approved!

9. Soft gel cellulose shell

Gel cellulose helps the capsule bypass your stomach acid so it can reach the small intestine. Resulting in gentle and better absorption! Plus, it makes them comfortably soft to swallow.

10. Travel often? No need to worry!

One of the reasons our capsules were created was due to one of our co-founders having a leak in her suitcase! These capsules are 100% travel proof, whether you’re taking them abroad or you just want them to hand in your bag. Super sleek bottles and no spillages!

If you want to give our capsules a go, you can find more info here!