January 18, 2021

5 Selfcare Habits to Learn This Year

Selfcare is super important, especially nowadays! We’ve got together some of our favourite selfcare habits to help you to feel your best.

Get some fresh air

A breath of fresh air is a great way to feel good! Ensure you’re getting outside, and it will do wonders to how you’re feeling. You could do this by going for a walk, jog or cycle. Whichever way you enjoy best.

Laugh more

Besides making you feel good, laughter has been scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and improve respiratory health. So, get yourself laughing, whether that’s with friends or putting on your favourite comedy!

Fill your body with goodness

Filling your body with the best nutrition and vitamins will boost your physical health and mental health! Here at Tonik, we have four amazing nutritious supplements that are all super beneficial and 100% natural. You can boost your health by making sure you eat some delicious, healthy food too!

Be mindful

Practicing mindfulness is a great selfcare habit. Great examples of this are journaling, listening to podcasts, meditation and practicing gratitude. They will help you to feel more relaxed, connected and positive.

Prioritise “me-time”

Time to yourself is super important! It will help you to feel good and will boost your overall mental health. It’s important to do things that you enjoy that will make you happy, such as; reading a book, taking a bath or having a pamper day. This is the perfect opportunity to get away from phone screens and any stress you may have in your life. To check out our supplements range mentioned above, click here