November 12, 2020

Vitamin D- Is It Worth It?

Vitamin D is the supplement on everyone’s lips at the moment. Whilst Coronavirus is around, we’ve been advised by health professionals to take this vitamin but is it worth it?

Vitamin D mainly helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. It mainly helps to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.  

Our body creates Vitamin D from direct sunlight but as we have been indoors more than usual this year, it is likely that we won’t be getting the right amount of Vitamin D our bodies need.

Here at Tonik, our Hemp Seed Oil capsules are a 100% natural supplement rich in a number of Vitamin D, there’s no room for any harmful artificial ingredients that you may find in other products on the market! (Your body will also absorb it faster as it will recognise that it is all natural)

Whilst getting your Vitamin D benefits, for example, balancing the immune system and preventing inflammation. You’ll also be getting the benefits from the other nutrients and vitamins with Hemp Seed Oil such as;

  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Moderating blood sugar levels
  • Improving skin hydration
  • Supporting menopausal health by regulating hormonal balance
  • Aiding with weight management by moderating insulin levels

Those are just a few of the great benefits Hemp Seed Oil has to offer.

Vitamin D is something are bodies most definitely need, especially in light of the pandemic to keep us healthy. And why not appreciate other benefits from other nutrients and vitamins at the same time with our Hemp Seed Oil capsules.

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