October 12, 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar, capsules or shot?

Shotting ACV has been one of the best beauty secrets for many years! With so many health and beauty benefits, no wonder it is so popular.

However, people struggle to take it because of the smell, taste etc. Here at Tonik, we’ve popped 100% natural ACV into gel capsules to make it an easy and pleasant experience!

No spillages

Our capsules mean there’s no risk of any spillages, making supplement taking super easy and quick. ACV can also damage certain counter-top materials, avoid this risk altogether with capsules instead.

No smell

Anyone who has ever shotted ACV knows it smells pretty bad! Tonik makes it more pleasant and enjoyable with our scent-free capsules.


As well as smelling bad, it doesn’t taste too good either! Our capsules have no taste, eliminating the struggle of taking your favourite supplement every day!

No damage to your throat

ACV is acidic so it has the potential to cause damage to your throat and oesophagus in the form of burns. Taking ACV in capsule form means you can get all your well-loved benefits without the risk of harming your body.

No leakages in your bag

This is actually why Tonik was created in the first place! Our founder had an unpleasant leakage of ACV in her suitcase and longed for an easier way to travel with her favourite supplements.

Tonik’s bottles are small and perfectly sized for your handbag, desk, suitcase, or toiletry bag! However you wish to store and travel with your Tonik.

Still get amazing results with a more enjoyable experience! Grab yours here