October 06, 2020

Our Top 10 Selfcare Tips for Autumn & Winter

With the colder weather, it’s easy for us to feel a little gloomy! Keep reading for our top 10 selfcare tips perfect for this time of year…

  1. The obvious one…take your Tonik!

We become more susceptible to colds and illnesses towards the end of the year so it’s important to keep that immune system strong. All our supplements have properties in them that will help fight off any bacteria, viruses and infections. And they’re 100% natural!

  1. Stay hydrated

Keep drinking plenty of water every day, not as easy to remember when all we want is hot drinks during this weather! But it will benefit your mood, your health and your skin.

  1. Up your skincare game

A change in the weather can change our skin, so make sure you’re listening! A common change is that skin becomes drier and tighter. Make sure to use a daily moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and get yourself a nourishing lip balm to avoid chapped lips.

  1. Get some sun everyday

The days become shorter, but this doesn’t mean you have to limit the time you spend outside. We recommend wrapping up warm and going for a walk every morning. The fresh air will wake you up and help you feel more ready for the day ahead!

  1. Relax in a hot bath

The perfect way to relax when it’s cold outside. Light a candle and give yourself some well-deserved me time!

  1. Warm, healthy meals

Warm, comfort foods are perfect at this time of year and what better way to boost your immune system than by filling your body with natural goodness. Hot pots and soups full of vegetables and immune boosting spices are brilliant. Get creative with your cooking!

  1. Stay active

Exercising releases endorphins that help us to feel better. Why not take this opportunity to try something new? A different class at the gym or attempt a winter sport.

  1. Journal

Writing our feelings, problems and hopes down on paper is a really great way to support your mental health and boost your positivity! If you struggle to know what to write, The Happiness Planner do great journals where the questions are already there for you to answer.

  1. Cosy nights In

Make time to relax either with family, friends or simply just me-time. Embrace the cold weather, grab blankets, cosy socks & hot drinks to really make the most of a cosy night in.

  1. Set your goals for the new year

Make a note of your ideal self or position you would love to see yourself achieve in the year ahead. It could be new job opportunities, ticking more things off your bucket list or finding more confidence. This is a great way to positively look forward to the next 12 months of your life and feel good about this year coming to an end.

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