September 01, 2020

Beware Artificial Ingredients- Go Natural!

Did you know that your body can recognise artificial ingredients? This results in those ingredients needing more time to be absorbed. Our bodies can’t be fooled! Natural ingredients are absorbed much faster as they’re recognised as nutrients straight away.

Here at Tonik, we’re always 100% natural.

We don’t want any nasties! That’s why we keep artificial ingredients out of our products as they can be potentially dangerous and harmful.

Also, there’s no room in our capsules for anything other than the good stuff! We just want you to fill your bodies with supplements that will have a positive impact and make you feel good! So that you can enjoy all the benefits without taking a risk with harmful ingredients hidden amongst the supplement.

We will only use organic, raw substances in our capsules, and this is all your body needs! So, say no to nasties and say YES to natural with Tonik <3

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