August 24, 2020

Feel Good Tips with Tonik

Here’s 10 things you can do to instantly boost your mood- it’s time to feel good!

  1. Take your Tonik! Our Coconut Oil capsules help to improve your energy levels and endurance, start the day with a spring in your step.
  2. Complete a task on your to-do list. Tick at least one thing off that list and you’ll feel more satisfied with your day!
  3. Listen to music. It’s scientifically proven that this makes you feel good so turn up the volume and enjoy your favourite tunes.
  4. Spend time with someone you love. Whether that’s a friend, family member or a pet, that interaction will be a major mood-booster.
  5. Get outdoors! That fresh air will make you feel good instantly. You could go for a walk, a run or just sit in the garden.
  6. And relax… Make sure to leave some time in your day for you to relax and reflect. Enjoy the calmness and live in the present.
  7. Make one of your favourite meals or snacks. When we eat food, our bodies release a chemical that makes us feel good. What better way to feel good than by eating our favourite foods!
  8. Give yourself a little TLC. Self-care is so important, make sure you make time in your day to look after yourself. Some ideas include enjoying a hot drink, doing a face mask or taking a bath.
  9. Laugh! Watching a funny film or enjoying laughing yoga should do the trick.
  10. Get moving. Exercise releases endorphins that cause a positive feeling within our bodies. So, what’s your favourite way to exercise? Dancing, cycling, swimming? Get yourself moving and enjoy.

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