August 02, 2020

Why Capsules?

Why take Tonik when you could just as easily take the ingredient in its natural state? Well, we’ll tell you why! Keeping reading…

Our founders decided to put heavenly natural ingredients into gel capsules for a reason, the main one being it makes taking supplements quicker & easier!

It’s the mess-free option. No dealing with sticky liquids or having to drink anything.

Perfect for travelling! If you travel often or like to take your supplements wherever you go, Tonik makes it super easy for you. In fact, one of the reasons Tonik was created was due to an Apple Cider Vinegar leak in our founder’s suitcase- oops!! Tonik is kept in small bottles with zero risk of any accidental leaks.

Perfect for people who don’t like the taste or smell of the natural ingredient. With our capsules, you can’t taste a thing! This is 100% the gag-free option.

No damage to your throat or teeth. Some natural ingredients, for example Apple Cider Vinegar, can be quite damaging for your oral health. With Tonik, we eliminate that risk. Taking supplements is all about being healthier & feeling better! Don’t let other parts of your body suffer whilst trying to take your favourite supplements.

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