June 03, 2020

The Benefits of using Tonik during the Summer

The weather is lookin’ pretty good right now as we begin to enter the summer months. This tends to mean more exposure to the sun and more time spent outdoors! Here’s just a few reasons why you should be taking Tonik during the Summer:

Boost your immune system

As we spend more time outdoors, we are more exposed to bacteria, illnesses and viruses. This shouldn’t stop us from going outside and enjoying the weather of course! You can boost your immune system naturally with Tonik. All of our current supplements can assist with helping your body get a top notch immune system as they have anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Keep your skin in its best condition

Sometimes the weather can worsen our skin as it is a change in the environment our skin has to get used to.

For skin hydration:

If you suffer from dehydrated skin during the summer months, our Hemp Seed Oil capsules will be able to help you! These capsules help to lock moisture into our skin which is super important whilst in hot weather as the heat can dry our skin out.

For break outs:

Sometimes hot weather can cause breakouts, especially if you’re wearing makeup. When it’s hot, our pores get larger and so any oils or product on the skin can get into those pores and clog them! It’s pretty hard to avoid, especially if you suffer from oily skin all year round. Our Apple Cider Vinegar supplements can assist with toning, clarifying and clearing the skin. Perfect for keeping your skin in check during the summer!

Any skin conditions that worsen in the summer:

Sometimes the summer sun can irritate any skin issues we may already have, such as eczema or dandruff. Which means we require more help to tackle them! Our coconut oil capsules may assist with fighting against any skin conditions you have. And as our products are 100% natural, there are no nasties in there that could irritate it further!

Losing energy?

If the weather is hot, it can be hard sometimes to keep those energy levels going throughout the day. Both our Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar capsules may assist with improving energy levels and endurance when you need a bit more help when the sun is out!

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