May 26, 2020

Why choose natural?

Here at Tonik, we do it the natural way! All of our supplements are 100% raw, organic ingredients, wanna know why? Keep reading!

Tonik was created to make your life easier when taking natural supplements. (You’ll understand if you’ve ever tried to shot Apple Cider Vinegar!) And we understand that when popping those substances into lil’ capsules for you, we need to keep them 100% natural.

The main reason is we don’t want no nasties! With artificial supplements, you don’t know what you’re putting into your body and so you’re risking any lurking, dangerous ingredients entering your body.

The other big reason is that we want you to fully benefit from what you’re taking. There’s no room left in that capsule for anything other than what’s going to make you feel good and get you results!

Also, your body can’t be fooled so easily…

Stick to natural supplements because your body absorbs them faster than artificial ones because it recognises that they are a nutrient. So don’t waste your time on any fake and potentially dangerous substances that could be hiding in your supplements! Why not try a bottle from our 100% natural supplements range? You can check them out here!