March 09, 2020

Give the gift of TONIK this Mother’s Day

Our Tonik supplements have something that all mums can benefit from, using ALL-natural ingredients too!

  1. Our Coconut Oil capsules– the must-have for any mum who wants to stay youthful!

These supplements are perfect for any mum who wants to stay youthful and encourage healthy aging within her body. Coconut Oil may assist with improving collagen and elasticity within the skin, keep those fine lines at bay! It can also assist with nail & hair growth, weight management, improving memory & brain functions, and reducing the effects of arthritis. All for just £32 per bottle!

Apple Cider Vinegar is a miracle ingredient predicted to boost your energy levels. It contains potassium, enzymes and amino acids which all help with relieving fatigue. It also assists with detoxing and clearing the skin, weight management, and boosting the immune system. The perfect combination to keep you feeling refreshed and ready for anything! Order now for only £32.

Vegan mums- this is the capsule for you! This supplement can assist vegetarians/vegans in getting proteins and the right balance of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids. Hemp Seed Oil can also help with supporting menopausal health, reducing cholesterol levels and moderating blood sugar levels for diabetics. Order from us now at only £44 per bottle!

Mums are pretty much super-heroes with how much they can do for us in just one day, they need a healthy body that’s going to support their busy, superhero lifestyles! Our Turmeric supplement may assist with fighting bacteria & viruses, escape those nasty illnesses making their way around! These capsules may also help with aiding digestion, fighting inflammation, and helping the functioning of the liver (the body’s primary organ of detoxification!) Order now for just £44.