February 10, 2020

TONIK’s Tips for Sustainable Living

Loving our planet is so important and here at TONIK we strive to love and care for ourselves and the environment we live in! Here are some of our top tips for loving our planet.

  1. Ditch the Plastic

Did you know that a plastic bottle can last for 450 years and over 150 of them currently litter each mile of UK beaches? If that isn’t enough to ditch the plastic, I don’t know what is!

Of course, it’s not easy living without plastic considering it covers most products in a typical supermarket. Why not set yourself a starter challenge of not buying any plastic bottles for a week? Instead use a water bottle. It’s honestly not as hard as it sounds!

We got our facts about plastic here: https://www.sas.org.uk/our-work/plastic-pollution/plastic-pollution-facts-figures/

2. Go Vintage

Fashion is growing fast and so is its impact on the environment. Styles are constantly coming back into fashion so why not visit a vintage or charity shop the next time you want to splurge on clothes!

Buying and selling apps are becoming more popular too, not only are you extending the life of your clothes, but you can also make a little bit of money on the side!

Here’s an app we’ve tried and love: https://www.vinted.co.uk/

3. Try a plant-based diet

The Vegan and Vegetarian community is steadily growing with more foods being available and the lifestyle becoming more attractive. You could test the water by trying #MeatlessMondays, if you fancy this lifestyle, we recommend transitioning your diet at a steady pace!

We found this website helpful: https://www.forksoverknives.com/plant-based-primer-beginners-guide-starting-plant-based-diet/#gs.w36234

4. Go paperless- save the trees!

It’s super easy to go paperless, for example, get your bank statements emailed to you, opt for no receipt at the checkout, and store everything on your computer at work!

You’ll be saving the trees by reducing the need for deforestation and in return, the air we breathe will be cleaner!

5. Switch up your beauty products

So much plastic is created in the beauty industry, it’s time we switch up our products! A great idea is swapping your plastic hairbrush for a bamboo one (these are actually pretty good at keeping your hair smooth and shiny too!) Also check out the link below:


We LOVE this idea! Lush have an incredible ‘naked’ range of all your essential beauty products (just without the packaging!)