January 22, 2020

Why do we need to take supplements?

The simple answer is in the name! Supplements are a great way of supplementing your diet of any nutrients that are missing from it. The higher the amount of nutrients you have in your body, the healthier your diet is. So…why not take them?

Professionals tell us we need a range of vitamins and nutrients (in certain amounts too!) to achieve and maintain that healthy lifestyle we’ve always dreamed of. A very well-known example would be Vitamin C (and I bet you’re all reading this, wishing you were getting some Vitamin C on a beach somewhere! Sigh…) But in the meantime, why not pick up some oranges next time you’re doing your weekly shop. The Vitamin C in them is great for strengthening blood vessels and iron absorption (among many other qualities), protecting us against problems such as, cardiovascular disease and prenatal health problems.

There are so many different nutrients and vitamins out there that could do wonders for you! And here at Tonik, we make it super easy for you to take your supplements from handy, little capsules. (No more trying to force down anything horrible!)

Aside from all those bodily advantages they provide, you’re going to feel great too! So many of our Tonik customers love taking their supplements. All you have to do is remember to take your capsules every day (which is super easy by the way!) and the results speak for themselves. Many people also claim they can wean themselves off their medication because the supplements have made their body stronger and healthier. And the best thing about it is…it’s 100% natural!

A lack of nutrients and vitamins can affect the way our body functions day to day, that’s what makes them super important. But you have to ensure you take them every single day, otherwise you may not see the benefits!

See below some of our top tips to make sure you remember to take your Tonik.

  1. Create a routine for yourself
    Aim to take your capsules at the same time everyday so that you’re consistent. A popular option is to take them with your meals, then they’re less easy to forget!
  2. Keep them on show
    Keep them at the front of your mind by placing them somewhere you’re going to pass every day. Your desk is a good place to start! Or try keeping them in your handbag (we sell handy travel-size bottles for your capsules exactly for this reason!) just in case you forget to take them before leaving your home.
  3. Divide and conquer
    Try dividing up your Tonik into different places- try keeping some at home and some at work. This way, you’re less likely to forget to take them.