January 22, 2020

The health trends taking the world by storm in 2020

  1. Avocado- the gift that keeps on giving!

Avocado must be one of the trendiest foods to date and it’s been on top for a while. As well as being delicious, avocados seem to be a great source of several different vitamins and are loaded with healthy fatty acids. Avocados are appearing everywhere on menus and in our home recipe books. Obsessed with avocados as much as we are? Why not check out the Avobar in London, perfect to get your quick fix! Dishes include Avo Bun Burgers and Avo-stuffed Lobster. Yum!


  1. Wellness retreats- when you’re in need of some ‘me-time’

Detox and wellness retreats have been on the rise as more people are understanding the importance of ‘me-time’ and caring for your wellbeing. They give you the perfect opportunity to de-stress and focus on you, making your mind happier and healthier!

Check out The Glass House Retreat in Essex, offering fitness facilities, spa treatments, plant-based diets and much more.


  1. Veganism- if you’ve not tried it, you’ve thought about it!

Vegan has been the word on everyone’s lips this year and will only continue to grow, with many opting for Veganuary. Not only does being vegan have environmental advantages, the diet seems to be healthier with benefits such as, it can help you lose excess weight and it is richer in certain nutrients.

Check out these vegan recipes below- they sound super delicious!


  1. Supplements- we may be a little bias but read below why this market is forever growing!

The demand for dietary supplements is growing for many different reasons. Some people take supplements for the health benefits they have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep fit. Others take supplements to try and avoid developing medical conditions and illnesses.

People also like to take supplements because of the elated feeling they get from them- people claim to get a boost in energy!

Why not check out our Tonik products and our other blogs on supplements on this website! 

  1. Health & Wellness Coaching- get guidance from an expert!

Wellness coaches are on the rise as more people are taking an interest in their health and to feel good! A lot of people just think it’s about training and eating healthy- there’s a lot more they can do to help. They can also focus on mental health and lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing.

They’re great if you want to feel good and feel healthy but aren’t quite sure the correct way to go about it. With so many things on the market to help us become healthier and feel better, it’s hard to know what is best for us!

There are many websites like the one below that help us find the perfect coach for ourselves!


  1. Gin Yoga- finally our prayers have been answered!

There are so many different yoga experiences forming every year and here comes the most important one yet! Gin & Yin.

Who doesn’t want to keep fit and drink gin at the same time?! We are yet to find out any weekly classes…sigh. So, keep an eye out online for special events all over the country this year!

Gin Yin UK Events

  1. Technology- keep track of those steps!

I’d be surprised if anyone reading this didn’t know a single person without some sort of smart watch or fitness tracker! They’re pretty pricy (with Fitbit’s newest model costing £199.99) but they offer a wide range of features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and it can even track swimming!

Check out the leading smartwatch on the market here:


  1. Giving up the alcohol!

We all try and do ourselves good with a little challenge called ‘Dry January’ and I’m not sure who actually makes it to the end successfully? This concept sounds super hard to most of us, we love to have a drink either as an addition to socialising or as a way to unwind after a long day. But there are more people opting for this lifestyle and not just to save money!

People claim to feel happier and healthier, finding different ways to feel good rather than depending on alcohol.

We found these tips to help if you ever wanted to jump on the bandwagon:


  1. Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

They are the perfect guide to the start of a happy and healthy mind. There’s so many out there to help you if you struggle to practice meditation alone!

The apps can also cater to your needs whether you need to de-stress or need help getting a better night’s sleep! Click on the link below to look at some of the most popular ones.


  1. Micro-HIIT Workouts- perfect for busy bees who struggle to find time to work out!

HIIT workouts became so popular last year, but this year micro-HIIT will be the new fitness trend. It consists of shorter workouts that happen more frequently throughout the day.

It is believed that short high energy workouts several times a day will achieve the same results as a steady longer workout in one go. Making this type of workout perfect for those with a busy schedule! Check out some micro-HIIT ideas below: