January 22, 2020

How are supplements absorbed into the body?

Many people are sceptical about taking supplements because it’s hard to understand how it can benefit the human body when it is taken in capsule form. Our guide above is perfect for explaining the simple process of absorption.

Supplements are absorbed directly into the bloodstream as the supplement dissolves or as food is broken down. Many of the water-soluble vitamins and nutrients can circulate easily because the human body is made up of at least 50% of water. Also, the nutrients in supplements often aid absorption and so, encourage the process.

Taking supplements in capsule form is still very effective and often chosen for being the easier and sometimes, safer option. By consistently taking the nutrients and vitamins you need, you’re ensuring the best possible results for your body’s health.

Any additional supplements you take but do not need is flushed out naturally through the urinary tract. (Don’t worry- our body knows what it needs!)